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What is the benefit of Makhana for weight loss?

What is the benefit of Makhana for weight loss?

Weight loss is the term that can plot anybody, anyone, into a spiral of thoughts. What if we tell you that you could genuinely lose weight without compromising you’re eating habits?

The Role of Eating Makhana in your Weight Loss Journey

Before jumping into how Makhana can help us lose weight, we must understand that weight loss is not the same as starving. When you stop taking the food, you unknowingly damage your body. The human body needs a certain amount of energetic food to function and remain healthy. This practice of consuming lesser food could lead to liver, kidney, and digestive damage.

Maintaining a caloric deficit is the right way to lose weight. Based on your weight and body type, you must count and control the number of calories consumed per day and keep them below the limit. One must eat small doses of food often to keep the body away from cravings.

To help you avoid snacks and munching all day, you can opt for a healthy snack like roasted Makhana. Makhanas are rich in nutrition, help satisfy hunger, and are handy to carry around the day.

Makhana for Weight Loss

If you seek an intelligent snack to give you company through the day, or a side dish suitable for your evening chai, then fox nuts are a great choice. Most traditionally, raw Makhana is roasted in ghee and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Apart from being healthy, this simple dish is tasty and keeps all your snack cravings at bay. The vitality and power-packed nutrition of seeds make them a superfood. Here we have mentioned how they help you with weight loss:

Fibre Intake

Makhana contains fibre. They help you in controlling your snacking habit. The enrichment of fibre in food is known to create a feeling of fullness that will help the stomach to be filled throughout the whole day.


Along with the containment of fibre content, that is a good enough reason to consider Makhana for weight loss. A bowl full of fox nuts can help you with a wide range of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.

These compounds ensure the purity of the blood, fight free radicals, and keep your metabolism healthy. All these factors are mandatory to ensure you are on the right path to weight loss.

Low Glycemic Index

GI fights weight loss and blood sugar issues; that is why Makhana for weight loss is your best friend. In all their forms, Fox nuts are known for their low glycemic index. This states that Makhana does not cause any unusual spikes in blood sugar. They also help in maintaining or retaining your glucose levels.